About Us

Our Approach

KardtricK is a visual philosophy of nuclear weapons deconstruction.  It is a fundamentally new kind of past time meant to be expandable.  It is a mnemonic game played with regular playing cards which are emblazoned by mnemonic stories and images.  All thee stories and images have to do with dreaming, about enhancing the dreaming power.  After reading KardtricK book 1 you will have learned one or more key words for every playing card.  This will turn the game into an engine that creates dreams.  When it is taught to a family it becomes the Inter-human Dreaming Language, and increases the already nascent telepathy which accompanies each and every human being.  As an ante-nuclear Device, KardtricK defeats alienation by attacking the problem at the core.  Weapons of mass destruction and disruptive technologies and global catastrophic risk are the problem focused on by this deck.  The goal is to create an higher-order problem solving game–equivalent to the glass bead game.

Our Story

KardtricK was invented by Terrence Ross, the “underground philosopher of the nuclear era.”  Over many years Mr. Ross has experimented on viral publicity experiments intended to deliver hygienic information deep into the stores of public knowledge.  One well known game produced by Mr. Ross was the “Falwell Game.”  Another was the Association to Save Madonna from Nuclear War, Inc..  His declaration of a Madonna Nuclear Free Zone got national publicity some years back.

The goal–total deconstruction of nuclear weapons and all associated disruptive technologies and ecological problems–seems like a big one.  Many people are daunted even to pose a thought to the Nuclear Weapons Cybernetic Collective–the key is to make that positioning of people’s a fun activity.  That is why KardtricK is a game–a game that is fun to learn and to play.