Sidways Change

Sideways Change is what happens to a community which adopts some form of the interhuman dreaming language.  These languages reflect vestigial potential of the human species, even as we are today–yet unchanged from our ancestors living in caves and primitive structures tens of thousands of years ago.

Those ancestors lived in The Dreaming, and we can learn about that by studying aboriginal culture, where dreams are a tremendous form of guidance and wisdom.  Bringing the Dreaming back is part of the project that KardtricK is designed to do.Learn More


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KaRDtRiCK(tm) is a nuclear weapons deconstruction game created by underground philosopher Terrence Ross.

On it’s basic level the game is freely available by emailing Mr. Ross’s automailer at __________. It is intended to be software for the human mind to learn to deconstruct nuclear weapons, and other disruptive technologies. What the game does is create seeds of The Dreaming, or the Dreamtime. It is an attempt to bring an aboriginal force to bear upon nuclear weapons, which have entered our abode without our permission and are guarded by a cybernetic collective.